How innovations in communication have changed the face of business

How innovations in communication have changed the face of business

The telephone may have been invented many centuries ago in 1876 and the internet might be old news by now but innovations in communication keep on evolving. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen a whole plethora of developments in technology and facilities that make communication quicker, easier and far more efficient. While this is great news for the domestic dweller who can keep in touch with family and friend across the globe much more easily, it’s also incredibly significant for business small and large.

Companies such as TalkTalk Business are dedicated to providing great communication services for businesses in order to improve growth, turnover and customer service. Small, medium and large enterprises now have access to unprecedented facilities so let’s look a little bit at how this has impacted their operations.

Social media

One of the things that has been most influential on business communication is the development of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ are now all viable forms of communication between businesses and their customers, clients and target audience. Companies now have access to much larger audiences from all corners of the globe and are able to respond to them quicker and more directly than ever before. It’s all thanks to the wonderful world of social media.

Video conference calls

Video conferencing is another fine example of how innovations in the communication industry have supported and developed businesses of all sizes. Previously, meeting with clients or customers face to face might have incurred costly travel expenses or just been impossible. However with things like video conference facilities and Skype, businesses can now communicate visually and ‘physically’ with their clients and customers albeit through a screen.

So what exactly is it that has catalysed such revolutionary innovations within the industry? You could answer this question by largely attributing it to faster, more reliable internet speeds. These days companies have access to much quicker internet connections and can even be set up on dedicated leased lines to avoid being slowed down by any cyber congestion. These advanced connections allow internal processes to run more smoothly, allow more efficient transferring of files and means companies can insure the user experience of their websites and social media platforms are fluid and enjoyable for customers.

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