How Good Communication Between Coworkers Improves Productivity

How Good Communication Between Coworkers Improves Productivity

46% of workers consider that to be happy and productive in the workplace it is essential to maintain a good relationship with both colleagues and their bosses, reveals a recent study of the social network LinkedIn.

Surely you’ve noticed the difference of working in an office where there is no good relationship between colleagues and go to another where the work climate is really friendly. Although some professionals say not to make friends, a recent LinkedIn study revealed that having good working relationships is synonymous with happiness for 46% of workers.

The study “Relations at Work” also determined that establishing good relationships with colleagues and superiors is the key to having a work day where motivation and productivity reign. In addition, these positive conditions make employees feel much more confident when sharing their ideas or request an opinion.

As for the different generations of workers, the study found that 67% of professionals born in the period of 1981 to 1995, known as millennials, often share their family or sentimental problems with a co-worker. Figures that are reduced to less than a third when generation X is observed.

Tips for having good business relationships

After demonstrating the importance of maintaining good relationships with your co-workers, here are some tips that will help you achieve this goal.

Know your colleagues

Spend time to meet the people who work with you, so you can find common interests from which to start conversations and even a good relationship. Remember that there is always time for a coffee.


If your colleagues feel that you are willing to listen to what they have to say and even value their opinions, it will not take you too long to earn their respect. Also, try to participate in the work talks but always from a position of respect.


Calls9 and its most recent product, Knowledge-Plus aim to improve communication between coworkers which is vital for establishing good workplace relationships and in turn increase productivity. Having an easy way to communicate goes a long way with businesses whose employees don’t usually get the chance to see each other. The platform offers options that will help any team share knowledge and improve internal communication.

Be nice

It seems silly, but sometimes professionals are so busy that they forget to smile, which could send the wrong message to the rest. Three things you should never forget: know the name of your colleagues, say good morning and good night every day of work.

Avoid being part of the gossip

Being part of this kind of conversation is the easiest way to earn the distrust of your workmates. Therefore, as far as possible you should avoid surrounding yourself with the workers who dedicate their day to these kind of comments.

Be grateful

In every office there will be workers willing to offer you a hand when you need it; however, once they help you, do not forget to be grateful. Every person likes to feel appreciated, also this kind of details will serve to win the love of those around you.

Offer your help

For many it means meddling, while others will be grateful to receive a hand when they are busy. Every time you consider that someone may need your help do not hesitate to offer it, but try to do it in a low voice so as not to leave your partner exposed to the rest.

Participate in the events of the office

In every office there are some habits or customs, such as meeting once a week, among others. Although you may not feel completely comfortable, if you want to establish good relations with your colleagues it will be essential that you participate in these instances.

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