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Home Staging is a Great Investment

Did you know that home staging can help make your home a better investment than it already is? It’s true! In today’s economy, you want to squeeze every penny you can out of your investments, and for most people, the biggest investment is your own home.

While a large scale renovation project is a well known way to add value to a home, it’s one that comes with a price. More importantly, the price to value ratio may not always be that profitable – you could put in weeks of work and paychecks only to see the value of your home climb in direct proportion. What home staging does is give you that value boost without the high initial cost.

Home staging is a simple set of projects that can completely elevate the appearance and perception of your home interior without a demanding amount of time or money. It involves many smaller steps, like cleaning and arranging furniture in a purposeful way, as well as larger steps like painting walls, adding lighting, and setting up bathrooms and bedrooms to be luxury hotel-ready. You might have to spring for items like towels, rugs, paint, and fixtures, but the cost pales in comparison to the increase in value of your house.

If you’re looking to leverage the value of your biggest asset, be sure to consider home staging before plunking cash down on a major remodel project. Here’s an interested infographic on that by Home Stratosphere.

Home Staging

Home Staging

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