Here’s How You Can Enjoy Christmas Without Getting into Debt

Here’s How You Can Enjoy Christmas Without Getting into Debt

Christmas is one of the most important holidays for many people, yet it’s also one of the most expensive. With all the gifts you must buy, the dishes you need to cook, and the travel expenses you have to cover, it’s easy to be in the red during the Yuletide season. Fortunately, you can stay out of debt this Christmas by taking these steps:

Sell things you no longer need

You’re probably going to get a few new things from your loved ones, anyway, so why not get rid of the old stuff you no longer need or want? Doing this lets you hit two birds with one stone: you’ll get to earn extra money that you can use to cover your Yuletide expenses, and you’ll remove clutter from your home and free up your space.


Create a Christmas gift plan

Ideally, you should start planning for Christmas in January. This way, you’ll have the entire year to scout for the cheapest gifts, and you can spread out your purchases into several months. After celebrating the New Year, make a list of the people you want to give gifts to in December and shop for their presents throughout the next 12 months.

Take advantage of sales

You’ll probably find great deals throughout the whole year, but you can’t beat the discounts you’ll get during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Just make sure that you are really getting a deal: some studies have shown that many products get more expensive during the holiday season, so that too-good-to-be-true deal you’re eyeing on might be just that.

Go the DIY route

Gifts don’t always have to be store-bought since you can make your own! If you’re handy in the kitchen, for example, you can bake homemade desserts for your loved ones. Doing this lets you express your love and affection while reducing your gift costs.


Plan your menu carefully

Decide in advance on what you’ll serve for Christmas dinner, then buy the ingredients ahead of time when they go on sale. You’ll save money on groceries and, since you can make your dishes in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to hang out with your family and friends.

Use these tips to reduce your expenses while enjoying Christmas to the fullest!

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