Here’s How to Harness the Powers of Social Media and Event Marketing

Here’s How to Harness the Powers of Social Media and Event Marketing

Social media has ruled the world of marketing. Thanks to high-speed internet connections and handy mobile devices, it’s now easier even for teenagers to access Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr to share information on a massive scale. Imagine sharing a photo or news of a particular event to hundreds of thousands of people in everyone’s networks. That could translate to hundreds of thousands of consumers learning knowing about your marketing campaign. This is especially useful if you are promoting a special event sponsored by your company.

In other words, using social media for your event marketing is like hitting two birds with one stone. What’s more attractive about this advertising strategy is that you can save money by doing so.

Here’s how to conduct your event marketing through social media:


Get all your bases covered before releasing an idea.

For example, your business is launching a new product through a fashion show. Before you post about it through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you need to get a lineup of models and designers to realize all your plans. You’ll also need to finalize the venue, vendors and other details, so you can include all of these in your invitations.

You can also ask your target audience to participate in the planning by suggesting which brands or designers to include in your fashion show.

Make your idea shareable.

Your event won’t go viral if it’s not interesting. In short, it should be enticing enough not only to make your followers want to attend the event, but also want to share the news about it to those in their friends list. This means that you need to plan an event that’s fun enough to warrant a positive response.

Promote your event non-stop way ahead of time.


This means that you need to create hype about the event you are organizing. You should use social media resources to post and update about your events throughout the weeks or months leading up to it. You can provide additional details every time you update your Facebook page, Twitter account or Tumblr profiles.

Offer incentives.

Customers always like incentives, rewards or freebies. By offering something in return to your customers, you are not only expanding your reach for the event, but you are also strengthening your business’ brand.

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