Helping Employees Accept Change Through These Five Tips

Helping Employees Accept Change Through These Five Tips

Change is almost always necessary in business, especially in these times we live in. While it’s true that some employees might be averse to things changing, there are things that can be done to help them accept that change.

  1. Let them know what kind of change is coming

No matter how big or small the change is, this must be communicated to your staff. Along with letting them know what the change is, they must also be told why it’s important for the company and what the outcomes would be.


  1. Listen to what employees have to say

While management plays a huge role in the success of a company, it isn’t wise to ignore the voice of the workers who have made success possible. Sure, there are changes that need to be made by management but there are some that require asking employees their opinion on the matter.

  1. Collect feedback and take action

Yes, listening to an opinion might work but employees might feel more comfortable if they remain anonymous. A survey is a good tool in collecting feedback from employees but action should also be taken with regards to the results. Conducting a survey is practically useless if you don’t do anything with the results.


  1. Show compassion and empathy

Emotional intelligence may be seen as weak when it comes to leaders, but being able to show compassion and empathy in a time of change is very important. Being able to show a soft side helps in driving positive change.

  1. Provide training

Some changes require employees to upgrade their skills and learn how to use new tools. Yes, it will take time and will require a budget but it’s necessary for workers to be effective.

The demands of society these days will force companies to adapt. While a certain level of comfort might dissuade employees to change, taking the necessary steps to explain the purpose of change might just help them accept the inevitable.

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