Habits that Actually Don’t Make You Excel at Work

Habits that Actually Don’t Make You Excel at Work

Whether you’re new to your job or have been in the position for more than 10 years, there may be work habits that you thought would make you excel in your workplace but are actually not working for you. These wrong work habits may be the reason you’re not getting noticed or not getting the promotion you’ve always aspired for.

Take a look at some of the things you may be doing because you thought they would make you popular at work. 

“Speaking up” at your new job too early

There’s nothing wrong with speaking up, but if you do it incessantly every time you are having difficulty with something, then that’s already called whining. You don’t want to be popular with the new boss for the wrong reasons, right? So, it’s important that you try to help yourself first, exhaust all resources, which includes seeking help from tenured employees, before speaking to your manager about your situation. Remember, they have enough on their plates already, and asking questions with obvious answers would only waste their time.

United around the table

Waiting for a superior to hold you accountable

Self-accountability is your willingness to hold yourself accountable for whatever the outcome of your actions and choices may be. This means that you take full responsibility if, for example, your project failed. You don’t put the blame on others because you took part in the mistake.

Forgetting about the “soft skills”

These skills include time management, interpersonal relationship, initiative and the like. These are equally important skills employees should learn to master. This is because hard skills like programming, social media marketing and web designing may be useful, but it’s the lack of the soft skills that force employers to let go of staff members with great potential.


Thinking that showing at the office guarantees you a job for a lifetime

Just because you were the lucky person who made it among the myriad of other applicants it doesn’t mean you are irreplaceable. Thinking that way makes you complacent and de-motivated. This also makes you assume that your position is guaranteed for life. By working hard in contributing to the company’s success, you’ll have better chances of being employed with them for a long time.

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