For People Who Are Looking to Get Their First Promotion

For People Who Are Looking to Get Their First Promotion

A promotion is often the product of hard work, dedication and selflessness. However, there are times when our best isn’t good enough to make us bag that better title and bigger paycheck. Well, you could be doing something wrong – something that you’re not really aware of. This could be your total packaging, attitude, leadership style or other.

Here are a few simple ways to help people who are looking to get their first-ever promotion:

Change your attitude

Before you even imagine yourself being promoted to a supervisory of managerial position, you have to check whether you have the right attitude or not. The first step towards advancing in your career is to be more optimistic about things. Managers are just observing everyone in the office, waiting for some signs that an employee is displaying the qualities of a good leader. Therefore, make sure you have the right outlook to win that much-awaited promotion.


Dress to impress

A person’s physical appearance is the first thing that employers or superiors see. So, if you look like you’re only going to the mall when you report to work, chances are, your managers won’t take you seriously. A research has shown that 80 percent of executives believe that a staff’s manner of clothing affects his or her chances of a promotion. However, you have to blend in to avoid being considered a showoff by your colleagues. So, if you’re working in a casual office, don’t show up in a designer suit. Instead, dress neatly and professionally without looking like a pretentious and trying hard person.

Act the part

There’s a thin line between acting like a leader and pretending to be a leader. When you act like a true leader, you show your leadership skills. But if you are only pretending to be a leader, you only give orders to everyone but not actually lead them to success.

Aside from that, make sure you excel in your current role. Let others learn from you by leading by example. But don’t push it too hard that you’ll look desperate for the promotion.

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