Flying Abroad for Business? Read These Business Travel Etiquette Tips First!

Flying Abroad for Business? Read These Business Travel Etiquette Tips First!

Going on your first official overseas trip to represent your company can be a beneficial experience for your career. It’s a good sign when your employers trust you enough that they are willing to spend for your travel expenses and choose you to be the company representative. In return, you should do your best to make the trip as successful as possible and to not do anything that could put your company’s or your reputation in a bad light. Use these business etiquette tips wisely.


  1. Make an effort to connect. Even if it’s just learning a couple of greetings and phrases in the local language, reading up on business customs, or following the proper way to dress in the country, making an effort to adapt to the local culture will show your professionalism.

  1. Be organized. Make sure all your travel documents are ready before you leave for the airport. Your laptop and work supplies should be easily accessible at any time. Be at the departure area at least 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to take off. You get to be on time and can have some moments to relax, review notes, or compose yourself before your journey.

  1. Check if all arrangements have been made. Even if your company has already booked everything for you, you should still check yourself if your hotel booking, transportation, and other arrangements are in place. Don’t assume that it will be easy to grab a cab in Dubai when your hired driver doesn’t arrive.


  1. Remain professional. Even if it is more comfortable to travel in flip-flops or your gym clothes, remember that you are representing your company and meeting with potential clients or partners. Stick to business casual outfits to stay safe. It’s polite to greet and make small talk with your seatmates on the plane, but don’t get carried away and chat until you land. Most business travelers don’t get much personal time, so they want to catch up on work or relax for a bit any chance they get. Finally, even if there will be unlimited cocktails served at the meeting, watch your alcohol intake, always.

If you want to enjoy more business trips in the future, travel smart and travel like a pro.

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