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Encouraging Millenials to Becoming Entrepreneurs

According to a research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, business start-ups in the U.S. are promising but at the same time struggling. With the millenials said to take over about 75% of the workforce, it is best to prepare them now to become the business-minded people they should be. They might be employed in corporations right now but employers can help prepare the striving young members of their team. Are you a business owner who believes in empowering your employees? Here are 2 ways to ensure the millenials working for you can learn about entrepreneurship:

  1. Support collaboration in the company.


One of the most significant steps you can take is to encourage your employees to work with each other and discover what areas they are good at. Let them find this out by letting them understand that there will be challenges at the office which they can overcome by helping each other. If there are issues to be tackled or problems facing the operations, let them see these as opportunities to grow and let them have a voice. Once they know that they have the skills to take on challenges, they might decide to start their own businesses and apply the importance of collaboration in their lives and career.

  1. Encourage young employees to consider the business as their own.

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Nothing will make your millennial employees more driven and motivated to work than making them feel they are working as a family and that the business is theirs, too. Let them feel that the success of the organization relies on them and they can make it happen. Get feedback from them and encourage them to join discussions. If they are made part of the operational planning, they can learn on how to start businesses on their own in the future.

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