Employee Motivation: What to Do to Sustain It

Employee Motivation: What to Do to Sustain It

Keeping staff motivated is one of the many things that a good leader must do. Unfortunately, most good leaders are now a rarity, which means encouraging employees is no longer a priority. But really, why make your people suffer? Your company is going to suffer just as much, anyway.


What must you do, then?

Promote professional development

Everyone deserves to grow in any setting, most especially employees. If they are stuck in the same position for years on end, they are going to get bored and lose motivation. When this happens, their productivity and performance will suffer. Staff must know that they have an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder and earn more. The only way they can do that is when they receive training in the workplace. So make sure to invest in their learning and growth.

Set and communicate a clear vision

When employees know the real vision, mission and goals of your company, they can share in them and help steer your business in the right direction. What more can you ask for? With a vision to focus on and a better understanding of the big picture, your employees will know exactly what to do to excel in their job. They can be effective, too.

Effective communication

For everyone to work in harmony, everyone must be on the same page. This won’t happen, however, if communication is poor. Everyone would be second-guessing everyone, employees will be wasting time doing something that should have been clearly assigned to another department but didn’t, critical tasks will be missed, etc. This is why a clear flow of communication must be established.


Most importantly, ensure great leadership. No one wants to work with someone who doesn’t appreciate employees and bite people’s head for no apparent reason. A bad leader can harm team members and, eventually, an entire organization. Now who wants this?

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