Demand for Day Use Hotels in Rising

Demand for Day Use Hotels in Rising

It has been many years since day-use hotels were introduced. Today they seem to have become normal in many destinations across the world. So much so that they no longer offer morning or afternoon guest rooms, but also real daytime or evening stays with access to the spa, swimming pool, lunch, dinner and more.

In the past the formula of day use hotels seemed like something for a few brave people. But today, the brave people have multiplied and among them there are also top class hotels in the largest Italian, French and British cities. Also in England there are many incredible day use hotels which offer hotel rooms for packets of 3, 6 and 12 hours. Day use hotels in London are well known because of their quality of service and because of how busy the capital of England is. People prefer to rent for a shorter amount of time and save up both money and time.

In June day use hotels monthly bookings grew from 750 to 2,500 in a year in UK alone. At a global level there’s an average of 15,000 bookings per month. As far as Italy is concerned, the press office has shared with us the latest available data: from June 2014 to June 2015 there has been an increase in reservations of 60%, consequently the offer has been extended and to date the portal has 500 partner facilities throughout Italy.

Obviously this is not yet a decisive volume but apparently the business is expanding and does not mention declining. A mobile application will be launched shortly and in September a new portal will be launched online. To better understand the motivation that prompts so many hoteliers to take advantage of this new slice of market we have gathered the opinions of experts and operators in the industry.

Day use may seem like an interesting solution especially for hotels in marginal locations, perhaps close to the airport and the station, where there is a possibility of transit travelers looking for a point of support, but for many today it plays a much greater ample role. If they have a pool or a spa, day use is very much used as standard customer support. Even in leisure resorts, the model works well now. Although it is not a standard practice, it is convenient. Travelers tend to go to day use hotels to make a stop to rest.

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