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Dealing with Employee Conflict Like a Boss

Conflicts in the office can be pretty daunting to handle for an employer. What is worse is that leaving it unresolved can disrupt everyone’s momentum in the workplace, making it an unhealthy place to work in. So how should an employer deal with employee conflict the professional way?


Find the perfect timing

Timing is essential in business. This also holds true when managing conflicts between employees. When you feel that you should interfere immediately and reprimand everyone involved, it is best to gather hard evidence of who is responsible for causing trouble in the workplace first.

It is also important to act before it’s too late. Waiting too long or being hesitant to deal with the situation when everyone is expecting you to take charge can lead to your staff losing respect for you.

Know your boundaries

When you don’t know the limitations and boundaries of your employees, conflicts can become worse and unmanageable. You need to know the risks and rewards of the conflict resolution within the boundaries of your staff. Hence, you need to observe when employees tend to cross the line, trigger certain attitudes or provoke others.

Respect differences


To better understand how to avoid and resolve conflicts, you need to show that you respect the differences among your staff. That way, you’ll learn to see things with a different perception. Respecting the differences among your team can also help you avoid creating tension among your workers, as they do not feel that there is favoritism.

 Face the tension head on

Resolving conflicts is one of the things that managers or employers don’t like to deal with. After all, dealing with tension among employees can be headache-inducing. However, as a leader, you need to confront the tension before it blows out of proportion because it was not addressed immediately.

Keep in mind that conflicts will always be present in a workplace because of people’s differences. What is wrong is when leaders tolerate, ignore or let conflicts fester the rest of the organization.

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