Creative Design Ideas for Office Interiors

Creative Design Ideas for Office Interiors

Gone are the days of the traditional office environment. People don’t want to work in cubicles anymore; they want to be able to see each other and interact. This means shaking up the look and feel of your office space with some creative new design ideas. Here are a few to get the ball rolling.

Placement Is Everything

If you’re moving into a new office, you should definitely pay a visit to a retailer like Super Amart ( before moving day to get an idea of the sort of office furniture you’ll need. But, if you’re simply remodelling, then all you’ll really need to do is shuffle the furniture around. If at all possible, place desks facing or near windows. If the windows can be opened, this also allows for fresh air to penetrate the building, providing better mental agility and concentration. This also saves space and opens up the inner areas of the office for other facilities like meeting areas.

Colour (Boosts Mood, Creates Energy)

If you can’t decide on any nice artworks to hang on your walls, consider feature walls. Bold colours will draw the eye and create atmosphere within the office. Colour is a great way to let visitors know that, despite how seriously you take your work, you also like to be comfortable and at ease when you’re doing it.

Go Vintage (Stylish and Eclectic)

One trend that is very big right now is acquiring vintage furniture and putting it to use, or repurposing it for a different job than the one it was originally built for. Desks, dressers, old radios… it’s all fair game. Vintage items have a surprisingly youthful appeal despite their age, but also have a sense of wisdom to them as well. They tell a story and they make excellent conversation points when hosting an important meeting.

Office Interiors

Office Interiors

Office Graffiti… Sort Of

Another fast-growing trend is writable surfaces. How many times have you had a great idea and had nowhere to write it down? Many businesses are installing writable surfaces around their interiors as a way for employees to better jot down ideas, diagrams or reminders. This can be accomplished either via large whiteboards or special dry-erase whiteboard paint that allows people to write on walls with regular whiteboard markers and wipe it off cleanly when finished.

Music (Install Speakers for Ambience)

Music is the fastest way to introduce ambience and character to an office. It helps employees work, it gives the place a vibe, and it will tell a visitor exactly what they can expect from your company the moment they walk through the door. There are a lot of dos and don’ts with music though. You have to decide whether you’re okay with explicit language or not. What volume should the music be at so that it doesn’t distract staff? Do you get a set playlist or do you hand the Spotify account over to the staff and hope they don’t play fourteen consecutive hours of Nickelback?

There are thousands of ways to creatively design and embellish your office and the best ones will come from you directly. The personal touches are what sets a cool office apart from a regular office, and that comes from consulting with your staff as to what they’d like to see and the image of the business you would like to project to outsiders. What are your favourite office designs? Sound off in the comments below.

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