Creating a Positive Work Culture

Creating a Positive Work Culture

The difference between a good business and a great business is not the number of sales, widespread clients or even the final income figures. A great business has all these things, but it also has one very important thing that can prove vital to the success of the business: positive work culture. Hiring a group of talented individuals is the obvious strategy to boosting your brand and achieving your business goals. Finding the right balance of personalities can be a difficult task, so use these few strategies and processes to help improve productivity and morale from your current teams.

Create a clear business mission statement

Your employees are all working towards a united goal. However, due to small issues such as desk arrangements, micromanaging and ambiguous rules, your employees can feel disjointed from the team. Remind them that they play a role in a much bigger picture and reaching the end product is a victory for everyone.

Encourage communication across each division

Depending on your business, you may have employees working in specific departments across the office. A huge role in ensuring good work culture is allowing clear communications for all employees. If you create a communication conveyor belt, you may as well say goodbye to any rate of progress you’ve gained. Employees are more talkative than ever, and actually work better in collaboration or simply clearing up issues first-hand. Hook up a business landline phone (such as the systems available at Com2) to their desk, make them an account with Gmail and set up Google chat – it’s easy and very beneficial.

Work Culture

Work Culture

Profile your current team

Getting your culture settled now (prior to hiring) is a great way to build, cultivate and grow your business. Whether you have long-standing employees or rookies fresh from university, look at each of their strengths, weaknesses and ability to communicate within your team. Are you satisfied with how they tackle problems with other employees? Do they get along well with everyone else? Are they still an asset to your team? If no, they could be demoralising your workplace and it may be best to have a thorough discussion about where they may be falling short of your expectations.

Have a clear idea of the types of people you want in your team

Whether you are sitting in on interviews or you are having your HR department handle all aspects of hiring, make sure it is well known the kind of person you need. Evaluate not only their skills, background, presentation and experience, also evaluate whether they share the same sense of humour, are laidback or uptight, are honest or have hidden agendas. It’s best to understand these aspects of a person prior to hiring, so you can lay the foundation of a great work culture with minimal hiccups.
At the end of the day, it’s your business and you know how you want to run it. By creating a positive work culture, you will find your employees will repay you with increased productivity, higher quality work and less office disputes.

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