Creating a Cohesive Team from Employees with Different Personalities

Creating a Cohesive Team from Employees with Different Personalities

When a manager hires employees to join his team, naturally, everyone will have different personalities and work ethics. All these differences can be a cause for conflict if not managed properly. This means that as the leader, it’s up to the employer to turn a group of individuals with different attitudes into one cohesive team that will work together in achieving one another’s goals as well as the company’s.

How do you make everyone feel and act that they belong to a team?

Establish goals

A good leader never assumes, especially when it comes to employees knowing what their roles are. In other words, you need to make everyone in your team know and understand their function in relation to the company’s goals as well as the as team’s.


Define individual roles

One employee shouldn’t fulfill two roles at the same time. This is why it’s imperative that you be clear with your team members’ roles and responsibilities. By doing so, every team player will be accountable for their own tasks.

Encourage open lines of communication.

Your staff should know that they could talk to you about anything related to work. This means that you should listen and apply equal judgment on each of your employee’s concerns. That way, they won’t feel that there is favoritism or that there are hidden agendas. Doing so will also help develop trust between you and among all employees.

Maintain good relations and right conditions.

It is also a manager’s job to ensure that every single member of his team understands and respects each other. Aside from that, he should also see to it that the office is a safe and conducive place for work. These will, of course, encourage staff members to work harder both individually and as part of a team.

Hold regular meetings and open forums.

These will be the best opportunity for everyone to discuss the progress of each member as well as the entire group. Open discussions will also encourage employees to air out their concerns and difficulties. You will also have the chance to praise high-performing workers publicly. That way, other members can learn from their colleagues.


Have team-building activities from time to time.

Team-building activities should be fun and engaging, and preferably outside the office. This is to encourage employees to let their guard down, mingle and develop stronger bonds. As a result, you’ll have a more cohesive team.

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