Choosing the right venue for your event

Choosing the right venue for your event

For any business planning on hosting an event, the venue is everything. Regardless of whether your event will take place on home soil or overseas, you need to make sure that it is set-up correctly and able to support you and your guests. To ensure you make the right decisions, here is everything you need to know about picking the right venue.

Location, location, location

Location is highly important when planning an event but you need to think about more than just whether the setting you’ve chosen is aesthetically pleasing. Venues should be easy to reach and clearly signposted for travellers with close proximity to public transport routes always recommended. After all, choosing an attractive venue is a great idea – but only if your guests are willing and able to get to it! If you’re hosting an event overseas then your choice of venue should be in a well-known area with varied transport options available. Asking your guests to travel to the middle of nowhere in an unfamiliar country will not get your event off to the best start.


In addition to considering the location of your venue, you also need to consider what facilities it offers. As well as ensuring the physical dimensions of the space you’ve chosen are sufficient enough to support you, your guests and any equipment you bring with you, you must also ask what other services the venue provides.

Catering is a key consideration but you’ll want to make sure there is enough room for guests to eat comfortably if you choose to keep everything based in one location. Venues with their own restaurant or catering facilities are always recommended but you should investigate the standard of the food to ensure no-one is disappointed. The dietary requirements of your guests also need to be factored into the equation with specialist options provided for those with allergies or specific needs (i.e. vegetarian or vegan options).

The right Venue

The right Venue

For events based overseas or which last longer than a day, you should also research accommodation options. If your venue does not provide accommodation itself then what nearby services are there for your staff and guests to use and how would you manage the booking of this accommodation? A corporate events management company could help with this but it’s still something you need to think about.


Money makes the world go round so you need to ensure that your venue fits within your budget. Be realistic about your expenditure but don’t pay more than is necessary by doing comprehensive research into all of your options well in advance of your event. Preparation is the key to success so start planning early to avoid making any rash decisions made in haste.


Finally, make sure the timing of your event is as realistic and generous as possible. This means planning early and sending out invites to guests early too. This is especially important if hosting an event overseas as you need to ensure that attendees have enough time to make adequate preparations. You also need to ensure your venue has enough time to prepare for your arrival and receive any goods or equipment.

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