Career change after 30 | Can you really be successful?

Career change after 30 | Can you really be successful?

Nowadays, many people on the brink of turning 30 are finding themselves unhappy with their careers. This is not surprising as the 20s are the self-discovery years. People in this age group are busy going to college or university and then breaking into the job market. They are also discovering who they are and where their talents lie. By the time their 30s roll around, some of them know that they made the wrong career choices and they begin looking for a change.

The first sign that one is ready for a career change is feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled in one’s current job. These feelings are often accompanied by lethargy, frustration and chronic exhaustion. Such individuals normally feel that their talents and abilities could be used in completely different ways. As a result of these feelings, their jobs become boring and unenjoyable. Going to work starts feeling like a tiresome chore.

A huge number of people experiencing such feelings choose to ignore them. They simply learn to adapt to their jobs and bury their feelings. There are many reasons for this. Many of those in this position are afraid to leave their jobs and the security they present. Others may have family responsibilities that make it hard to switch careers, while others may be unwilling to abandon their comfort zones and benefits packages for the unknown.

However, it is not entirely impossible to change one’s career after turning 30. Individuals who want to do so need to invest a lot of time in researching all the available options before settling on those that are suitable for them.

Career Change

Career Change

Options available

Those who are serious about switching careers ought to look into the possibility of going back to school. This offers an excellent opportunity to retrain in a new career field. Pursuing an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in a different field can open up a whole new world. For instance, enrolling in an optical technician program or a graduate optometry program can be a stepping-stone to a career at Stanton Optical.

Signing up for a college or university program calls for dedication, prioritization and discipline, but it can be done. These days, people can even study from home by registering for an online course. This offers flexibility for those who would like to keep working as they study.

Making the change

Individuals who want to switch careers need to seek out professionals in the fields they want to pursue. Networking can help job seekers to become aware of openings in their areas of interest. Additionally, job seekers can gain relevant experience in their industries through internships or via volunteering. This may come in handy in their CVs.

Another job search strategy is to connect with professionals on social media such as LinkedIn. This can help individuals to market themselves to potential employers. As always, CVs and resumes remain crucial marketing tools for a job seeker. If well written and presented, these two vital documents can assist any individual to land their dream job.

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