Business Lessons from Entrepreneurs in Australia

Business Lessons from Entrepreneurs in Australia

Some entrepreneurs may have it easy, but a majority of them probably walked through fire before their venture took off and run in an even keel. If you are just starting out, it is best that you seek professional input, either by way of advice or services. It would also help if you gain an insight or two from established business people.

What do successful Australian entrepreneurs can teach you?

Being organized results in higher productivity


There is no question that you can go through all your daily tasks without any hiccups if everything is in its rightful place and well-organized. Wasting a lot of time just sorting through heaps of paperwork does not make a productive day. This is why Dominic Bressan, co-founder and CEO of AirService, makes it a point to stay organized by having the right tools necessary to get the job done, digital tools in particularly. For him, efficiency revolves around his trusty MacBook Pro and two main productivity apps — Airmail 2.0 and Evernote.

Weighing the pros and cons between full-time and flexible work arrangements

Recruitment is evolving with the times with more companies adapting to flexible employment arrangement. Bridget Loudon, CEO at Expert360, recommends that employers should think long and hard before hiring full-time staff. They should look into other options that can lead to a better, cheaper and smarter way to get things done. These include hiring on a per project basis or through short-term contracts.

Find ways to incorporate play with work


It is not play per se, but integrating other activities that do not revolve around work yet still help you become productive is important if you want to last long in the business. Feeling stressed out at the end of the day is bad for you in more ways than one. So take it from the co-founder and co-CEO of Vinomofo, Justin Dry, his list of daily activities include morning exercise, freezing cold showers, taking mini breaks and unplugging an hour before bedtime.

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