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Business analysis | How to do it

Today I will explain how to write a business analysis, that is a tool for determining the company’s performance and promoting an action plan for improvement. The proceedure is not that simple, so follow all the steps to get a result of high quality standards and avoid making mistakes.

First you need to perform a SWOT analysis. It is a basic tool that can provide information on the strengths and weaknesses of the company and to identify opportunities and threats. The SWOT analysis works well in many different categorical areas, and in particular for business analysis, as it is the starting point for analyzing problems with appropriate business processes. All must be aimed at getting the best strategy: business analysis ultimately must give entrepreneurs the right input to achieve business goals.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Filter processes by making a thorough analysis. This can be done with flowcharts that describe the processes and areas where there has been a waste of economic resources or work. This information can be obtained it by reading manuals and conducting interviews with executives and all employees. This way you can develop a specific framework of before and after the various business practices. It also carries opportunity chances. This can be done through a survey of actual and budgeted costs, which can reveal expenses not taken into account. Then you will be able to monitor the economic performance of the company.

A good analysis can lead to innovation

A good analysis can lead to innovation in many fields

Conclude your analysis by summarizing the salient points of the report, such as achievements, the statements made ​​in the new vision, corporate profits, the strengths and possible areas for improvement. Include in the report the new objectives and the costs for their implementation and any additional cost that comes up. Rank the economic resources of the project according to the type of proposal, and at the applicable rate according to their priority. If the report has been written to obtain funding or capital, you must also include a final justification and the reasons therefor. The conclusion should be short and concise, one paragraph at most. In this way, it is short so as not to tire you while reading it and miss any points, plus it has all the necessary information.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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