Building a Strong Employee-Employer Relationship

Building a Strong Employee-Employer Relationship

In order for any kind of organization to succeed, it needs a harmonious relationship between the leaders and the followers. This is especially true between employers and employees. Here’s why having a strong and beneficial relationship with your employees is important for the following reasons:


1. To increase productivity – when employees feel intimidated or inferior, they lack the confidence to make wise decisions and display positive attitude. This is because they will feel that they are never worthy.

2. To ensure loyalty – if a worker is loyal to you, he will strive to make sure he contributes to the success of the business. Most importantly, a loyal employee will remain with the company for a long time.

3. To reduce conflict – a hostile working environment is never a healthy place to work in. But if there is peace and understanding between the leaders and followers, there is little chance for disputes and misunderstandings.

4. To keep communication effective – communication is very important in any team to ensure success. But to be able to communicate properly within the organization, there has to be a strong relationship between the managers and staff members.

Now, how do you build a strong bond between you and your employees?

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1. Respect

There has to be mutual respect between the two parties. But to have respect, both the employers and employees should know where they stand and what their limitations are. It’s okay to socialize outside the office, but during work hours, there has to be a clear line that separates the professional and personal relationship.

2. Trust

The employer should trust the employee would be able to do his job well while the worker trusts his superiors to treat him and pay him fairly. If this trust is broken, problems will eventually occur.

3. Openness and Communication

If employees and employers have openness and communication, no problem will come unresolved. This is because workers will not hesitate to approach the management regarding any problem.

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