Be Creative in Rewarding Exemplary Employees

Be Creative in Rewarding Exemplary Employees

When you talk about giving incentives to hardworking employees, the first thing that usually comes to mind is cash. Of course, who wouldn’t want extra money, right? However, you have to keep in mind that money isn’t the only thing that keeps workers happy.

To ensure that you’re giving away rewards that your staff will actually appreciate, here are some suggestions you can use:


The gift of learning.

There was a property developer trying to sell its premier but new condominium complex. Because they know how tough the competition is in the market, they got creative with how they’re going to entice real estate agents to be more than happy to sell their properties. What they did was offer all-expense paid trips to California to attend the annual California Realtor Expo, wherein the participants will learn everything about the secrets of the trade.

Concierge-style services.

Employees appreciate it when things are done for them. For example, you can reward workers with excellent performance a chance to be able to have her beloved dog pampered by professional groomers. Similarly, workers who show dedication can be given a special prize by offering them free on-site hairstyling and beauty services. Things like these, though very simple, can mean a lot to workers.

Themed rewards.

Tie incentives to holidays, cultural trends or seasonal activities. The Super Bowl, for example, is a very big event, which everyone wants to partake in. You can give away free tickets to a game or anything that relates to such an event. By using themed rewards, you keep things fresh in the workplace.

Race for the prize.

It’s always fun to have a bit of a competition in the office. By making work fun, more can be accomplished. If you want every team to be prompt with their assignments, you can offer special prizes to those groups who finish their tasks first. That way, everyone will be excited to help their teams win.


With these ideas, you’re not only giving them rewards because of the job they did, but you are also indirectly encouraging them to be more competitive, to be more productive.

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