Are You Sure Being an Online Business Is Your Calling?

Are You Sure Being an Online Business Is Your Calling?

Building a business is difficult. Period. So anyone who thinks an online business is any different has yet to enter the fray. The long and short of it is that an online business isn’t for everyone, which means not everyone is really cut out to be an online business owner. But there is a way to remove “difficult” out of the equation, and help you identify if an online business is your calling.

Are you willing to pursue your dream no matter what?

Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, was rejected 1009 times, while Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before their businesses took off, and they became two of the most successful people in the world. Can you imagine going through the same thing?


Do you have the technical know-how in the online business world?

Running your business on the web means using the tools and technology needed to connect to your target market. Do you have at least the basic knowledge about them? Even if you can afford to hire someone to deal with the technical stuff, knowing a thing or two would go a long way.

Can you put in the work required?

Similar to a traditional business, starting an online company from scratch demands long hours and many sacrifices. You need to double your effort to increase your following and expand your client base at the same time. This usually involves:


  • Writing a blog
  • Updating your website regularly
  • Staying on top of SEO efforts, organic or otherwise
  • Working on customer intelligence to develop a personalized marketing campaign
  • Persevering through negative feedback and criticisms, while taking care of a loyal client base

If it feels like you’re being bombarded from all directions, what with the many factors that need to be considered, becoming an online business owner may not be for you. But if you can ignore the noise and chaos and continue to work harder, this could be your calling.


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