Advice from the Business Greats to Successful Entrepreneurs of Today

Advice from the Business Greats to Successful Entrepreneurs of Today

Setting up a business is no joke. And a lot of entrepreneurs who have experienced crippling failures are likely to give up, rather than give it another shot.

But take it from some of the most successful entrepreneurs of today who eventually rose to fame and fortune. Eventually being the operative word, because they made mistakes, learned from it and tried it again. When they hesitated and lost faith, they listened to sound advice from entrepreneurs who made it big ahead of them.

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask what seat. You just get on.” – Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

This is the best advice Sheryl Sandberg received from Schmidt, when she was reluctant to take a job offer from Google. Today, she is now Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer.


“As long as people are complaining, they still want to do business with you. When they stop complaining is when you need to worry.” – Marty Gruber, jewelry manufacturer president.

Who knew Guy Kawasaki needed business advice? But before he became a best-selling author, investor and startup founder, he needed to see the value of listening to customers at every opportunity, even when they are complaining.

 “When you prepare against catastrophic downsides (avoid “betting it all” or “mortgaging everything”) it allows you to create a culture where you can take lots of small to mid-sized risks, learn and build”. – Sir Richard Branson, business magnate, investor, philanthropist and co-founder of Virgin Group.


These words from Branson made co-founder of CreativeLive Chase Jarvis realize the value of failing often. The kind of boldness that sticks is one that involves experimenting regularly, failing small and cultivating a culture for taking risks.

Who better to provide business advice than those that have survived various challenges and lived to tell about them? By listening to successful entrepreneurs, you can become just like them.

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