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Advantages of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Marketing strategy plays an important role for the success of any business. To increase the growth of your business, you need a strong marketing team with the knowledge of an effective strategy for your particular situation. Over time, marketing also has been positively affected by advanced technology. The Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing or E-marketing has added excitement to marketers. The popularity of internet marketing is emerging very fast in all types of businesses and many new entrepreneurs tend to choose a digital agency. Though Digital marketing has an advantage over traditional marketing. you should be fully aware of the marketing strategies and results before adopting one.

Why Digital?

Why Digital?

Comparison of Traditional Marketing with Digital Marketing

  • The Digital Marketing is a very economical and fast way to promote a service or product brand compared to the traditional marketing which is more expensive and requires more time to promote the product.
  • It is also very useful for promoting products worldwide (as it has no additional charge). While traditionally, it is limited to a geographical area.
  • In the digital marketing you can work with fewer employees (requires less human resources).
  • In traditional marketing, more employees are needed, and with more labor it is required to spend more money.
  • In online business you can sell or buy products 24/ 7, year-round without the use of a single person, depending on the size of your company or the maintenance needs of your website, meaning that you can do all the work. This may be really tiring though and it is not possible with traditional marketing.

Compared to traditional marketing the digital one has more advantages and it can lead to a rapidly growing business more economically. So it is an ideal setting for successful business locally or in an international manner.

Digital package

Digital package

Before choosing between traditional marketing or digital marketing, you should consider your real needs through market research. Remember that it is very important for a successful advertising campaign. The Internet Marketing can provide better and more effective strategies according to the needs of your business. This can help promote and grow your business very efficiently within budget. You can definitely get your return on investment through digital marketing in a very short period.

In conclusion: if you would like to expand your business and increase your profits and if you have a low budget for marketing, e-marketing is the best way to achieve your objectives.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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