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A Reliable Brand: How does Ford offer such Good Value for Money?

Since the British economy began to emerge from recession in 2013, the home and automotive markets have continued to offer advantages to consumers nationwide. Initiatives in the new car market certainly had a huge impact in terms of driving sales, with value-conscious brands such as Ford involved with finance packages that enabled new models to be procured cheaper than some used alternatives. This is typical with the Ford brand, which remains as synonymous with simplicity and value as it did when it was initially conceived back in the 1950’s.

Exploring Ford’s Reputation as a Value-conscious brand

In fact, Ford continues to receive praise from financial experts for the level of value that it offers in an economically unstable climate. This was supported by the Best Cars for the Money survey conducted in 2014, which concluded that Ford offered better value than any other automotive brand on the market. Unsurprisingly, the iconic Ford Focus was acclaimed as the best value for money car on contemporary roads, earning praise in the competitive and extremely well-populated subcompact car category while also performing well in the overall reckoning.



Incredibly, the popular Fiesta also achieved success and hit top spot in the hatchback category, which once again was one of the most keenly contested sectors. Elsewhere, the Ford Fusion earned top spot in the best hybrid car category, despite the fact that it has yet to be released in the European markets. No other brand came close to matching Ford across all sectors and sub-categories, with even previously dominant brands such as Toyota struggling to offer similar levels of value and cost-effectiveness. This underlines the universal appeal of Ford and its longevity in comparison with other companies.

What makes Ford such a Value driven brand?

Aside from being a consistent and reliable brand, Ford also places a huge emphasis on economy (both in terms of design and performance). This means that cars can be manufactured for less without compromising on performance, creating huge value for money for a large and diverse demographic of customers. The popularity of old and new Ford models also means that there is a huge market for high quality, used vehicles, many of which are sold through reputable sites such as Exchange and Mart. Given the quality and longevity of the typical Ford design, these additional savings are only likely to increase the level of value on offer.

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