5 Tips to Make Your Stall Stand Out From the Competition

5 Tips to Make Your Stall Stand Out From the Competition

Chances are, if you know exhibiting at a trade show or marketplace is going to be great for your business, your competitors will have the same idea. In a crowded area, it can be hard to attract attention at the best of times – even if people know where they want to go, there are potentially dozens of distractions along the way. It is crucial to make sure that your stand stands out. Read on for some tips that will help you to attract the attention you want.

1. Have A Sign Telling People What You Do

Even if you have a seemingly ‘obvious’ business name or are well established in your industry, it can still help to actually spell out your service offering in writing and display it up high – you need to be at eye level if you want people to be able to make it out in a crowd.

2. Work With Other Stall Holders

Professional networks are essential for business development – especially at trade shows. If you don’t already have a relationship with other stallholders who share your target audience, do a bit of research into which attendees you might be able to collaborate with and reach out to them in advance offering reciprocal referrals.

3. Think Outside the Box

People are going to see so many corporate images and messages as they make their way through the exhibition. Be creative in how you present yours. A picture tells a thousand words so consider something emphatic like a hero image blown up on a fabric wall as your background to help introduce your brand. Companies such as Tenji Concepts have an impressive range of pop up fabric walls that not only have great print quality, but are also lightweight and easy to set up on your own.

Stall attention

Stall attention

4. Make Your Promotional Items Work For You

Don’t give people takeaways that they can tuck into a bag – hand them something that other people will notice. Food and drink is an obvious option especially if there isn’t on-site catering, but make sure it’s presented creatively – think along the lines of juice in coconut shells for tropical themed businesses. Bags and other non-perishable items can also work well too.

5. Be An Attention Seeker

Imagine a series of women dressed in wedding dresses walking through a busy bridal expo. That’s going to get noticed far more than a stand with catalogues or pictures of the gowns, isn’t it? Make sure you put some thought into high impact activities that can help get people talking about and flocking to your booth. Taking a slightly left field approach to your theming, set-up and promotion can really help you to cut through a cluttered exhibition space and get people coming to you and not the competition. Make sure you start planning out how you’ll tackle your presentation and promotion early to allow enough time to do it right.

How do you make sure you stand out at trade shows and events?

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