5 Tips To Help Small Businesses Stand Out In The Market

5 Tips To Help Small Businesses Stand Out In The Market

Sometimes small business owners can feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle against big brands with their bigger budgets and market share. Standing out against the crowd isn’t always easy, but it also isn’t impossible if you are on a shoestring budget and utilizing state of the art budgeting systems from companies like https://www.mint.com.   Read on to find out five ways you can get your small business noticed.

1. Have A Strong Visual Identity

You’re going to be competing against some established and iconic names, so you need to have a brand that holds its own. Your identity should encompass your business’s values and personality and make people feel a certain way when they see it. Engaging a full service agency like 4040 Creative to create your branding ensures you have an aesthetically pleasing, professionally designed look and feel for your brand that is consistently applied across your print materials, website, social media profiles and physical location.

2. Do It Differently

Don’t blend in. Focus on what makes you different and why that matters to your potential customers. You may not be the only business operating in your industry or niche but you can be the only one who does things a certain way. Can you provide better service, better customer experiences, better products or some other point of difference over what everyone else is doing?

Small Business

Small Business

3. Build Relationships

Foster mutually beneficial working relationships and let your network help you grow your business by word of mouth referral. People trust the opinion of their peers more than they trust advertising materials, so use this to your advantage. Referral rewards can still work in this digital age, however it is important to have measures in place to ensure you’re getting qualified leads and not just quotas for people to claim their ‘prize’.

4. Don’t Compete On Price

Small businesses simply can’t afford to match the bulk buying power of a multi national group. You need to focus on your value proposition and not get bogged down trying to price match your competitors. There is always going to be somebody willing to do it cheaper regardless of the real cost, and this isn’t a sustainable or viable business model for many commercial operations.

5. Be Personal

Make sure people know your name and your story. People connect on an emotional level when there is a human, relatable “face” to a brand or business. Use your small size and ability to provide a truly personal experience to your advantage. It can be just the strategy necessary to build the kind of loyalty that the really big players can only dream of.

Don’t fall into the common trap of focussing your attention on proving you are like your competitors. Often you should be highlighting why you’re not like them! Finding your niche and point of difference is your biggest weapon when it comes to fighting for market share in a competitive trading environment.

What’s your best tip for small business owners wanting to get noticed?

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