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5 Tips for Choosing The House Design That is Right For You

You will have many decisions to make when choosing a house plan. If you’ve never done so before, it can be quite an overwhelming experience. A home is a big investment, and you’ll want to make sure your new home will suit your needs and the needs of the people that are going to be sharing the house with you. To get your head in the right zone, read these five helpful tips to assist you in choosing the perfect home design.

1. Professional plans

Talking to a professional homebuilder can help to formalise your ideas into a working design that will be practical and aesthetically pleasing (and to scale!). Click here to see some examples of house designs to suit any budget or to choose from mix-and-match layouts that will accommodate every feature you need.

2. What will it offer?

A great tip for choosing the perfect house plan is to think about what it will offer that your current house doesn’t. Do you have any particular needs that your current home doesn’t meet? This is particularly relevant in regards to space and layout. Think about including bigger bedrooms or built-in wardrobes, an additional toilet, an open-plan kitchen/living room, a spare bedroom or a single-level design. Your wish list may even include spaces such as an art studio or a backyard for the kids.

Home Office

Home Office

3. Let the sun shine

Lighting is incredibly important for the ambience of a home and is something you will need to consider right from the beginning of the planning stages. Make sure you consider the sun’s position during different seasons and different times of the day. This is important if you don’t want light streaming into particular rooms too early or late in the day—for example, in the bedrooms.

4. Think about your lifestyle

Thinking about your lifestyle and what features you require in your home to accommodate that lifestyle is a great tip when it comes to home design. For example, if you are someone that entertains often, then a large outdoor space, an open plan living area and a generous kitchen are musts. Also, if you do a lot of work from home, you should consider incorporating a room specifically for this purpose into the design.

5. Present and future

When you’re designing your new home, it’s easy to simply get caught up in the present. It’s a good idea to think about how well this design will suit you, your family and your lifestyle in five or 10 years time.

As you can see, you should consider a variety of factors when choosing the house design that is right for you. It’s a great idea to plan for your current and future circumstances and to always include a little more space than you need. Have you purchased a new home recently? What is something extra you wish you had included in your home design? Leave your answers in a comment below.

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