5 Simple Steps: How to Keep Your Business Secure

5 Simple Steps: How to Keep Your Business Secure

Running a successful company involves much more than counting your profits before splashing the cash on yachts, caviar and whisking your supermodel bride off into the sunset in your eye wateringly expensive supercar.

Secure your business

Secure your business

In the real world, business owners are actually dealing with the most mundane of tasks, not least the struggle to keep their firm secure in the fight against the threat of intruders, both physically and electronically.

Long gone are the days when a humble lock and a hopeful “Beware of the Dog” sign would keep canine fearing criminals at bay. Instead, increasingly sophisticated and adaptable modern interlopers are using various methods to target your firm’s most valuable stock and data.

Aside from the physical threat of a trespasser attempting to scale your perimeter wall in the hope of plundering your stock and making off with some cash, you must also be aware of cybercriminals hacking into sensitive data stored on your business’s electronic devices.

To deter undesirables, then, whether it’s online or offline, your firm should employ the methods listed below to avoid becoming an easy target and lessen your risk of theft or precious data falling into the wrong hands.

CCTV Is Your Friend

By installing CCTV on your premises, it sends out a visual signal to trespassers that, if they ignore the warning signs and attempt to breach your premises, they will be caught on camera.  Those who do disregard the camera’s glare will find it’s much easier for the authorities to identify them after the crime is committed.

Beef Up Your Security Fencing

It may sound over-the-top to install electric fencing to protect your premises, but it actually provides double the protection against intruders. Not only is it a great visual deterrent, but plucky criminals who pay no attention to it will receive a short, sharp shock that will make them think twice about trying it again.

Implement an Alarm System

Regardless of what your business sells, it has the potential to become a target for thieves and vandals. Consequently, implementing an alarm system to work in conjunction with your CCTV and security fencing should be a top priority, alerting you if unauthorised movement is detected on your premises.

Fire Protection

This comes hand in hand with the alarm system but instead of people, will protect you against fires. In order to keep your facilities safe fire protection online will be invaluable. Not only will you know immediately if there’s a fire but you’ll also have the means to deal with it thanks to fire extinguishers and other tools.

Safeguard Your Electronic Devices

Away from the physical challenges of securing your premises, the protection of your online property should be equally as important. Ideally, you want to invest in antivirus, antiphishing, antispyware and a decent firewall to defend your network and keep your employees and your customers’ personal details locked down.

Ensure Passwords Are Tough to Crack

This step should be imprinted on you and your employees’ brains, as it’s crucial to have password protocols in place to avoid your network being breached by a tenacious hacker. To do this, make sure passwords are between eight and 10 characters long, including letters, numbers and symbols – and make certain they’re kept private.

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