5 quick ways to reboot your brands image

5 quick ways to reboot your brands image

What stays still, moves backwards, someone wise once said. This rule works in relationships, it works in politics…and it works in business. The question is not if your brand needs a reboot but when and how to do it. If you think of giving your brand a visual freshening, get in touch with experts from www.theprintgroup.com.au. If you want to go beyond logos and design – read on to learn 5 quick ways to reboot your brands image.

Make the change real

It’s not just about showing that you’re changing but about changing for real. Connect the brand reboot with some major event in your company’s history. A new headquarters, expansion, new line of products – all these are a good excuse to give your brand a fresh start.

In the name of change

In brand reboot nothing is sacred. Yes, even the name of your brand can be changed, depending of course on its current value. If it still carries some, it’s probably better to stick to it but you can reinforce its message with new slogan or motto.

People for change

Behind all brands are people. A great way to reboot your image is to show of the people behind it. Let your customers know your employees and yourself. A great way to achieve this is a company blog – a place where you and you’re co-workers can promote a friendlier, more personal image of your brand. Another way is a well-designed about us page on your website with professional photographs of your company management.

Brand Image

Brand Image

Look like you’re changing

Even the big ones do it – take a look at some old magazines and you’ll quickly notice that their logos look quite different than today. The big brands refresh their logos every now and then to keep up with the market. A subtle but visible change of your logo might be a great way to adjust to current standards and refreshing your image in your customers view. But don’t just change the logo – make it an event and call for celebrations. After all you’re proud of your new image and want to let the whole world know.

Let customers speak and decide

If there is one thing the Internet has proven beyond any doubt it is that everyone has an opinion about everything. And they are not afraid to express it – at least online. This simple fact might be very useful in your brand reboot. Let your customers speak – open a new e-mail inbox for your customers suggestions, activate social media, start a discussion on the company’s blog, set up a survey – anything to heat the customers’ voice.

Prepare for some harsh words, some criticism but try not to get offended and look for solutions to problem pointed out by your clients. Just by letting your customers speak you already reboot your image in their eyes but try listening to their suggestions and you’ll make them feel empowered leading to a true change of your brand’s perception.

We all need a fresh start once in a while. Do yours right and this time you’ll get your brand to a much further, higher and better place.

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