5 Mistakes Every Good Leader Knows Not to Commit Again

5 Mistakes Every Good Leader Knows Not to Commit Again

Everyone makes mistakes. Even the best does. But you make matters worse by not recognizing the fault and committing it again. Every good leader knows that once a mistake is made, it shouldn’t be repeated. This is because it can reflect your kind of leadership. To ensure that you don’t make or repeat mistakes that can ultimately lead to bigger problems in the long run, read on.

Not Communicating


Communication is the key to understanding, and the right information is what allows your employees to perform their jobs well. So the better you communicate with them, the more they will accomplish. As a result, the better they will serve your customers and the more sales you will have.

Going for the Quick Fix

When a problem occurs, everyone turns to the manager to think of a solution. And because you want to get things done right away, you might be tempted to go for the “quick fix.” The problem with this solution is that it’s temporary and it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Hence, there is a tendency that the problem will only worsen over time, causing you more money to resolve it.

Thinking You Can Do Everything


When you don’t delegate tasks, it reflects how little trust you have of your employees. Trying to do everything on your own will only backfire in the end. Not only do you run the risk of failure, but you also make your staff feel worthless. When that happens, they will leave because they will feel that their potential is wasted.

Having unclear goals or none at all

Not being clear with what you expect from your employees only leads to failure; it’s even worse than not having one at all. Setting business objectives as clearly as possible guides your staff on how to accomplish what is asked of them. So by not being clear of what you want, you are only making their work a guessing game. Not giving credit where credit is due is also a bad mistake to make. Employees are humans too. Thus, they thrive on praises and acknowledgements. This is because being recognized for the hard work you put it is what inspires and motivates you to do more.

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