4 ways to differentiate your brand in a busy marketplace

4 ways to differentiate your brand in a busy marketplace

Consumers who were once restricted to the selection of shops in their local neighbourhood can now take their pick from a global digital marketplace.

Greater choice can empower consumers but it means brands struggle to carve out a competitive edge.

But these four ways to differentiate your brand in a busy marketplace should help you stand out from the crowd.

Brand voice

The products you provide might not be unique or revolutionary — but the way you talk about them can make you memorable.

So developing a distinctive brand voice, tone and style is definitely worth your while.

A unique brand voice with the perfect personality persuades people to part with their cash.

You can then adjust tone of your voice to suit specific situations and specify a style so that your grammar, vocabulary, logos and images are consistent.

Get to grips with brand voice and customers will start to recognise you instinctively.

Customer experience

Customer experience excellence requires smooth collaboration between your marketing and frontline operations to ensure that interactions with customers leave them genuinely satisfied.

So if you’ve spent time developing an outstanding digital campaign you need to be confident that your operations staff are supported to deliver their end of the bargain.

Allowing marketing and operations staff to discuss plans together from the get go allows you to manage expectations and decide what’s achievable.

Then you can execute — making sure customers have an emotionally engaging experience in store and online that makes them feel fantastic.

Make a unique promise

If you haven’t invented an amazing time-saving device or service unlike any other, you may struggle to convince customers that you’re really different to your competitors.

But one way to stand out from the crowd is to make them a unique promise and deliver on it.

So saying that you’re a solicitor in Leeds might make customers say ‘so what?’ — but stating that you’re the Leeds lawyers who offer 24 hour legal assistance should grab their attention.

When customers have a clear choice, making a special promise can convince them to choose you rather than the shop selling similar services next door.

Pivot your business

Learning to pivot your business allows you to rapidly adapt to customer demands and market developments so that you’re sure you’re offering a service people actually want.

And a pivot doesn’t mean you have to completely rethink every aspect of your business.

If you’re a firm that offers a range of services there’s a danger that new customers may see you as a jack of all trades but master of none.

So focusing on the strand of your offering that’s most in demand can get them on board initially, and after they’re impressed by your talents in one specialism you can introduce them to additional services.

You can make your offering outstanding with these four ways to differentiate your brand in a busy marketplace.

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