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4 tips for introvert entrepreneurs

Being introverted in your daily life is not a problem, the problem is because those weaknesses are reflected in your professional life, especially if you are an entrepreneur where everything depends on you, and to sell you need to know how to get where you want. On the contrary, most people with these characteristics are more thoughtful and make less mistakes and take fewer risks than the rest because they can better analyze situations.

Despite this, the downside is that they may be ashamed to speak in public or present to potential investors and not talk about their projects at events that they must talk to strangers. However, being an introvert can be handled in a good way so it does not become an obstacle in the future.

You will have to share your ideas eventually

You will have to share your ideas eventually

Believe in your company

If you really believe in your abilities and qualities of your company, you can have the confidence to introduce yourself to strangers knowing that your ideas and your business are attractive enough to draw their attention. This is how you will start a conversation with less shame. If can do that, then you can also go looking for those investors which you need to take your business to another level in you.

Aim for small groups

If you’re introverted and you feel more comfortable speaking in small groups, when you go to networking events, avoid putting yourself in large groups with more outgoing people so you can exploit your strengths in smaller groups or one-to-one relationships. If you do so, you must be part of that large group, making contact with that person you’re interested and invite him in for coffee, so that you will get another chance to have a closer contact.

You can do much better in a small group so aim for that

You can do much better in a small group so aim for that

Have a system of friends

If you are an introvert, you can bring a friend to networking events. Being with someone else will help you get closer to those that interest you and you will not feel alone if you suddenly do not have anyone to talk to or can not find the confidence to get close to someone. Friends generally help take that final step, and so to present your project.

Think of the bright side

Do not try to sabotage or blame yourself for being introverted. It’s part of your personality, so you have to work at it and get the maximum possible benefits from it, as an asset and not a destructive feature. You may take your time and build your confidence on the ideas you think of at one step at a time before you will finally be ready to share and promote them.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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