3 workplace habits of productive people

3 workplace habits of productive people

We all have that one person in our life, normally a friend of a friend, who seemingly juggles it all.

They’re always just making a quick pit stop at a party, their Blackberry constantly buzzing as they prep for a big board meeting whilst simultaneously entertaining everyone with stories of their latest exotic beach adventure.

Watching them effortlessly float through their busy life, you’re not just jealous – you’re completely baffled.

How do they do it? Only nine cups of coffee and weekly all-nighters keep your ever-growing workload from totally burying you, and they’re barely breaking a sweat.

Although those super productive people may look like they’re powered by magic, they’ve just mastered a few simple but effective time-management tricks.

And we’ve got the lowdown on their favourite tactics.

Here are three workplace habits that’ll have you stealing the crown for ‘most productive employee’ in no time.

#1: Always take the simplest route

Bill Gates is rumoured to have said that he always hires lazy people for Microsoft’s most difficult jobs because they’ll find the quickest way to finish any task. Although we don’t recommend adding ‘bone idle couch potato’ to your CV, there’s an element of truth to his philosophy.

Successful people know how to be efficient, and that means simplifying your workload as much as possible. Don’t waste your time taking the long route with admin tasks, not when there’s plenty of software designed to take care of things like HR and scheduling burdens.

For example, sorting finances is our least favourite responsibility, which is why we can’t get enough of payroll solutions from SD Worx that remove all the fuss of exchange rates and compliance.

#2: Master to-do lists

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the mountain of work you’ve got to finish before a deadline, as well as the household and family chores you need to remember, is the biggest roadblock to productivity.

Master To-Do List

Master To-Do List

To stay on top of it all without burning through your precious stores of energy and motivation, unlock the power of the humble to-do list.

Split your responsibilities into small, easy-to-manage tasks and tick each item off as you go. It’s super satisfying and a great way of staying organised. Download an app like Wunderlist or Todoist to get your checklist habit off to a flying start.

#3: Learn to delegate

Don’t try and do everything yourself – you’ll only end up overloaded with work and unable to cope with it all.

Effective managers know that trusting others to take the lead on certain tasks and jobs is key to achieving the best results in the quickest time possible.

Learning to delegate can be difficult, so start simple. Figure out each step that’s needed to complete a project, identify reliable team members and divvy up the workload. All you’ll have to do is keep everyone on track.

Get a handle on our three habits and your friends will soon be asking you for advice on boosting productivity!

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