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3 Tips to Immediately Improve Work-Life Balance

Focus too much on work and you miss out on important family activities and precious opportunities to catch up with friends and special others. Prioritize social and family commitments too much and you miss out on great career breaks and income improvements. Truly, achieving work-life balance is not a walk in the park, but it is not impossible either. Below are three tips to help you see immediate results.


1) Don’t just make a schedule, religiously commit to it.

This will help you set boundaries whether at work, with your social obligations or with yourself. Of course, make sure that your schedule is well-rounded. And don’t forget to pencil in some time for yourself to relax and pursue hobbies. By sticking to a schedule, you’ll be forced to prioritize the truly important aspects of your career, social life and personal time.

2) Be open to change and accept imperfection.

Yes you’ve set priorities but situations in life are never set. Therefore be open to changes which could alter your priorities. Otherwise, you’ll just experience unnecessary stress and perhaps guilt and bitterness. The same is true about minor flaws. No matter the task, if you keep toiling away in search of that elusive perfection, you’ll lose sight of the overall picture. You’ll become too concerned of the details that you forget your major goals. This is of course far from ideal when it comes to achieving excellent work-life balance.


3) Accept support from the people around you.

If you want to help people at work and spend time with your family and friends, for sure you’ll have colleagues who want to assist you too, and pals and relatives who’d want to make your burdens lighter. Don’t turn them down. Be practical about the whole thing and, again, keep your big-picture goals foremost in your mind.

With these tips, you are on your way to achieving a more improved balance between life and work. Do let us know if you have other tips you wish to share on this subject!

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