3 Inexpensive yet Effective Employee Rewards

3 Inexpensive yet Effective Employee Rewards

Your employees are the pillars of your business, along with your clients. This is why making them happy should be one of your goals if you want to thrive in the industry. But if you are trying to cut down on your expenses, this can be present itself as a problem. Good thing employee incentives are not limited to just extravagant bonuses and travels.

Here are several ways to reward your employees without spending hundreds of dollars:

Let them work from home.


Commuting to and from the office not only entails gas expenses but also lots of time lost especially during rush hours. Why not allow members of your staff enjoy a day or two working remotely from home? In this digital world, almost everything can be done online, from sending files to teleconferencing. If you give this opportunity to your employees, this can give them time to take a break from the daily commute and can even lead to more productivity.

Treat them to birthday dinners.

Another inexpensive way to show appreciation to hard working employees is by treating them on their birthdays. If you have many people working for you, it will be best to have this treat on a monthly basis. Make a reservation at a restaurant offering buffet dinners for celebrators for a particular month. This is more practical and a great opportunity for people in your company to get to know each other and create better interpersonal relationships.


Give performing employees recognition.

It is important to any individual to know that his or her dedication to his job is not left unnoticed. Motivate your team by giving awards like “most punctual employee of the month” and “best employee of the month”. A certificate and some cash incentive will suffice. You can also have a wall dedicated for the pictures of these awardees to serve as inspiration to their co-workers.

Encouraging your employees does not have to be costly. By finding inexpensive yet effective ways to show your appreciation, you will have happier and loyal members of your team.

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