3 effective communication strategies for you

3 effective communication strategies for you

Being a business owner or a leader in a business means having to speak – A LOT. However, rather than fake your way through your speeches and talks, try to be yourself.

The people you work with or are talking to want to hear YOU and not who you work for. So, if you have a passionate love for everything Tolkien or are a die-hard fan of The Beatles, let this version of you shine through.


When you’re talking with an audience, the most important thing to accomplish is having them recognize and relate to you. Here are three ways to do that:

  1. Always keep in mind that you’re a REAL person who is communicating with REAL people. Sure, when you get out on to a stage or step into a room, there’s more than one person there. And for some, that’s enough to make you nervous. However, think of the entire room as a single entity. Think that you’re here talking to just one person. By doing so, you can create one-to-one feeling and still be able to communicate as you normally do.
  1. Write just like the way you talk. Of course, communication isn’t purely speaking only. As a boss or leader, you also have to communicate through the written word, email or any other kind that requires you to string words together.

When writing, always remember to write just how you would talk. Most of us want to sound impressive when we’re behind the keyboard, which leads us to sound too formal.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

To avoid this, try reading out loud what you’ve typed or written. See if it sounds conversational enough. If you still have doubts, try recording what you’ve written onto a tape recorder and listen to it and see if it sounds like you.

  1. Decide on a collective voice if writing for an organization. The simplest way to decide what the collective voice would be is to determine who would your company be if it were a person. Are they supposed to be a friendly individual or a rather formal one?

Deciding on a persona helps you write better and creates a unique voice that people will identify your brand with.

Communication shouldn’t feel like a chore to you. So, go on and be yourself.

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