3 degrees that apply to business with ease

It’s reasonably simple to think of a few academic disciplines that convert easily to the corporate world — graduates in accountancy, law and IT slot smoothly into recognisable roles.

But if none of these subjects is your forte, it can be tough to decide whether the course you’re passionate about has the true vocational value needed to propel you towards a sustainable career.

Luckily, progressive employers recognise the value of applicants from a wide range of academic backgrounds who can focus their skills on everything from staff morale to strategic thinking.

So here are three degrees that apply to business with ease.

  1. English

Communication is crucial for business success — whether it’s clear and concise or creative and persuasive.

So refined verbal and written English skills can shape internal corporate culture and ensure the right messages reach external customers and stakeholders.

Taking an English degree can open a career path as a business journalist, digital copywriter, marketing executive or PR officer — and your sharp grammatical and expressive skills won’t be wasted in many other roles where writing is a secondary, yet important, function.

But English isn’t as directly vocational as some science or tech subjects — so getting careers advice and gaining relevant work experience prior to graduation is advisable.

  1. Psychology

As businesses have become more aware of the interplay between mental and physical health, the physical work environment and leadership styles, a background in psychology carries greater corporate currency.

In simple terms, enlightened employers realise that creating a welcoming business culture boosts recruitment and retention — happy employees tend to perform better and stick around longer.

So investing in a psychology degree that focuses on fostering positive relationships between employees and the organisation that employs them can lead to a fascinating and lucrative career as an in-house expert or external consultant.

Employees with a grounding in applied psychology can find themselves in roles relating to talent management, performance analysis and leadership development.

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

If you’ve already earned an undergraduate degree that’s directly or indirectly related to a corporate career path, studying for an MBA can help you hone your existing talents and develop relevant new skills.

And courses from some reputable providers can also be studied online — perfect for those who want to switch career paths without giving up their present employment and need to fit studying flexibly around family commitments.

The types of subjects studied in an MBA include marketing planning, organisational behaviour and finance for decision making — skills that apply to working in an SME, large corporation or launching your own entrepreneurial enterprise.

When you want a degree that draws from a range of cross-cutting academic influences curated for an executive skillset, an MBA’s an excellent choice and can be a springboard to success.

So there are three degrees that apply to business with ease — choose the path that inspires you most and progress with confidence.

How did your degree help your career? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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