3 brands that use simplicity to connect with customers

3 brands that use simplicity to connect with customers

Modern life can be confusing, chaotic and stressful.

So many customers naturally appreciate a brand that makes things easier for them in a simple and straightforward manner.

And this simplicity is emphasised in every interaction a consumer has with the brand — from social media posts to ecommerce and complaints resolution.

The way your products or services are designed and delivered might actually be quite complex and technical — but customers don’t need to know too much about this because it can bore them.

So if you’re looking for some tips from masters of marketing minimalism, here are three brands that use simplicity to connect with customers.


Amazon’s proposition is simple — an enormous marketplace stuffed with an unrivalled choice of products that are delivered straight to your door at breakneck speed.

Customer satisfaction and choice are even emphasised in the smiling A to Z of its famous logo.

Founder Jeff Bezos says the secret that props up this successful simplicity is remaining a ‘day one’ company — maintaining the same focus on customer-service, results and responsive decision-making that’s evident in an enthusiastic startup.

If you want to scale up simplicity in a sustainable manner, Amazon’s an excellent example.

Mat Factory

Simplicity isn’t just effective for global corporations — it’s a useful solution for SMEs too.

The Mat Factory ‘does what it says on the tin’ by selling quality door mats to homeowners and businesses.

But by combining technical functionality with attractive designs, their mats are marketed in a sophisticated manner.

And personalisation options allow customers to create unique products as gifts for friends and relatives — opening up an interactive element that’s attractive.

This is a great example of making an everyday product stand out in a competitive marketplace.

And it can work for all manner of companies — selling everything from household products to customised greeting cards.


Mint.com’s personal finance software has simplified money management for millions of users.

But the simplicity is at the heart of the service’s success — it’s easy to use and customers can open a secure account and have it running in 10 minutes.

And customer concerns about security are also allayed by Mint’s assurances that the service is as safe as a physical bank.

Founder Aaron Patzer and his colleagues also created a blog full of relevant topics that became widely shared and spread his brand message.

Realising that visual information is easily understood by potential customers and easily shared on social media, they also crafted a successful series of infographics.

So a superior product combined with powerful social media messaging can help your brand carve out a slice of the market.

These three diverse operators have used simplicity to make lucrative and lasting connections with customers — if you follow suit you’ll have a brand built to last.

Do you use simplicity as a selling point? Share your advice in the comments section.

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