10 tips on organizing events for a company

10 tips on organizing events for a company

Meetings and event are a usual practice that companies follow when they want to hold discussions with their employees or to present a new project and promote it to other companies or their partners. They are very important and careful planning is in order. The ones who get to organize them though are usually the employees and this is when an event management degree benefits both your status and your company’s. However, if you are not that qualified and up to the task things may take a left turn. To avoid this (especially if the organizer of the event is the firm where you work), take note of these useful recommendations.

Every detail counts

Every detail counts

Think about the message

An event has to be associated to an idea that the company wants to conveyOnce a consensus is reached, it is important to share it with all employees so do everything in your power to make sure they communicate properly.

The documented protocol

Any company should have an internal protocol manual, available to all workers. In fact, the image and reputation of the company depend on it.

Participation of the department of communication

The protocol should be part of the communication strategy of the company.

Watch the setting

If the one holding the event is your company, it is preferable to avoid excessive or pompous decorations: stay committed to a simple but cozy atmosphere that encourages interaction among attendees.

Corporate meeting

Corporate meeting

Sample corporate and brand image

It is essential that the logo is always present in logistics and merchandising.

Brief but interesting events

The three top journalism qualities (brevity, clarity and simplicity) must be used for this type of corporate events. By doing so you let your guests think that was worth attending the event.

Go easy on the speech

The speeches should be brief, agile and able to engage the audience. Audiovisual content (slides, videos, etc..) can help you be much more enjoyable.

Directing = company

Providing that you put yourself in a position of responsibility, you must not forget that the image you project you will be the one of your company. If the event does not make a good impression on your partner, chances are they think that the company that you represent is to blame. Hence you should be even more careful and make sure that your clothing, your gestures and your attitude are perfect.

Be the perfect host

If it is your company which organizes the event, hospitality and service attitude towards the audience should be your first priority. The same should happen with the rest of the employees, from the CEO to the interns, everyone must ensure that all your guests have a pleasant evening.

The importance of a positive attitude

To be credible (and convince your partner you are worth working with) you should always convey the best image of your work or your area of expertise.

 By +Nikos Kontorigas

Written by Nikos Kontorigas

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