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What are the Autocallable Certificates?

In the vast category of certificates if Autocallable defines those that allow the early repayment (ie , maturity of premium natural even) Nominal values ​​of the addition the title with a prize (or coupon) , a pact that if a certain condition occurs when it is agreed in advance. By that alone it is more than a predetermined condition below its initial values ​​ (defined trigger level) in certain valuation dates. To put it in other words, Autocallable are financial instruments redeemable by the issuer on the date or automatically at pre-established dates on which can also be predetermined values ​​increasing during the certificate life.

Autocallable Certificates

Autocallable Certificates

The certificates bear the Autocallable clause therefore offer the possibility to take advantage of the market in Equity Slight increases in the short period allow those returns superiority to the same market. If instead the condition of not exceeding the verified trigger if, it changes the final repayment of values.

The concept dates of assessment are very important: they can mediate the valuation date which is required to be certified during life, or the date of final assessment, which corresponds to the natural expiration. In case of early termination of the certificate if the coupon is about as natural, it intermediate reaches the final stage of it.

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