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Top 10 qualities most sought by companies

Regardless of the studies that are needed for a particular job, when a company seeks a employee there are certain qualities that will always be in their mind and which are essential to finally hire that person.

With the difficulties of the labor market and the low recruitment rate that is the current situation, it is necessary to take the qualities preferred by companies into account, for you to be more likely to get that much coveted job today. On the other side, it is also important for a business or company to know that their potent employee has these personal characteristics and have a clear outline of what they are looking for to hire the right person.

An employee must be good at working with others

An employee must be good at working with others

Top 10 most valued qualities in an employee

A study of job and recruitment company Hays reveals that there are ten key qualities that companies consider when hiring workers.

First, there is the issue of being fluent in foreign languages. English used to be enough in the past, but the globalization and internationalization have led companies to seek workers to speak more than two languages.

The second quality is the ability to adapt to different work situations and people that are part of the organization. In relation to that, loyalty is also critical because it will lead to greater involvement and effort by the employee. The versatility and the financial and budgetary skills are also seen as key skills in an employee for the productive and economic benefits they can give to the company.

Finally, proactivity, ability to work, negotiation, innovation and interpersonal skills round out the list.

Being eager to work is an important quality

Being eager to work is an important quality

How to find that so sought profile

The problem is that many of these qualities are difficult to identify at first sight or during a single interview. They are usually seen once the person takes time to exhibit their work and the results of it. If you do not have a reference from someone who already knows a specific employee, it will require a professional human resources manager, the most reliable way possible to identify these qualities.

But above all, what must an employee must have is just to be eager to work and that is something that it is possible to identify at first sight. This is an important quality that shows that the rest may follow.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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