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The Best Stocks to Look Forward to Investing in 2015

Investing is one of the best ways to grow your wealth significantly. Although there are plenty of risks involved, returns are also substantial, especially if you have a huge appetite for risks. When it comes to buying stocks, it is important that you have great confidence in the options you choose base on their performance. Well, 2014 surely had some really impressive stocks, which are likely to maintain its standing in 2015.

So what are some of the stocks you should be on the lookout next year?


Southwest Airlines

With 121% performance in 2014, there’s little doubt that this company makes a great investment option. But the numbers can mean nothing to starting investors, especially while they are still trying to understand index and other similar terms. What are the guarantees that Southwest Airlines will maintain good footing? According to Dan Veru of Palisade Capital Management, “The flying public seems to like the product”, which means that more people will be using it for future travels.

Edward Life Sciences

You’ve probably been told to invest in tech companies as they are part of the future. Well, they could be right. But don’t just settle on tech companies, make it biotech, such as Edwards Lifesciences (EW) that enjoyed a healthy year in 2014, with a performance of 93%. Its profits doubled, and the company also planned to jump into health care acquisition, a sector that is showing exponential growth year in and year out.


Avago Technologies

As makers of wireless chips used in smartphones, it is not a surprise that Avago’s performance soared at 86%, its sales at 70% more than the previous year and its profits at more than 80%. All figures considered; the company is indeed in great standing. Add to this the fact that Cisco and Samsung will be using the company’s products, and you’re looking at a firm that is unlikely to slow down in 2015.

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