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Start up as an entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur means to clearly define your business idea and implement it through a business project. But it is not only that. You also need motivation and you must have a vision, enthusiasm, pragmatism and willingness to accept the risk.

Let's do this

Let’s do this

Becoming an entrepreneur means starting a process, called start-up business, which involves the entrepreneur, the business idea and a business plan. The first step to becoming an entrepreneur is to achieve a self-assessment of yourselves. As future entrepreneurs you must discover your real strengths and weaknesses and your true motivations. Why do you want to become entrepreneurs? The reasons may be different: the desire for autonomy, awareness of own talents and abilities, or simply be holders of an innovative idea!

Once this is clear, you must now analyze your strengths, so ask yourselves: what you can do better than anyone else? Why do your friends always ask you for help? Remember: becoming an entrepreneur means selling solutions to the needs of your customers. So, to analyze your attitudes and your passions is the first step to take. If you look at the big companies, you will find that they are always an expression of great men. In addition, at the beginning of your activity you must take into account that you may not possess the necessary experience to start and run a business; only with time, determination and constant training can you adequately support your business. Therefore, it is necessary to reckon with hard work and remind yourselves of the reasons that led you to this choice.

Think out of the box

Think out of the box

The second step to becoming an entrepreneur is to clearly define your business idea. To define with clarity, write it down: the way to do it is by answering these three questions: 1) What do you sell? 2) How do you want to produce the product/ service you intend to sell? 3) Who do you want to sell it to? The aim is to build your business on your strengths to seek the competitive advantage that will allow you to be successful in your market.

During this phase, it may happen that your business idea is not as original as you thought; in this case, you should not be discouraged. In fact, a new company arises not only when there are innovative products, but also every time you make a breakthrough in the technological, commercial or management part of an enterprise. So you should not ask what product you want to sell, but what kind of innovation in the sector yo want to bring, through your business idea.

Be Different

Be Different

Finally, you need to prepare your business plan. It will be your guide throughout your start-up phase and will allow you to follow a detailed road during the first years of activity. A business plan consists of two consequential phases: implement an action and developing a business plan. These two phases are crucial for starting a business, so take some time and keep in mind that significant investment should be made ​​only if the first two steps of the start-up business have been successfully positive.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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