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Recipe to keeping employees engaged

A job can be the best thing a person ever experiences, or one that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. In some cases, it’s good only on the first few bites, but not the rest. Perhaps there are some things that are missing in the whole office scenario that make even the best career less rewarding.


What are the ingredients of an engaging and highly productive office?

A positive vibe

Who wants to work in an office where the boss thinks negatively of his employees, anyway?

Fully equipped

There’s no way a staff can be productive when supplies are lacking or, worse, the equipment isn’t working.

Open and clear communication

A lot of things can go wrong due to misunderstanding. Employees are also unhappy when they’re opinion are not considered, much less heard.

Career improvements

For staff to excel, they must have access to training. Even the veterans have to be re-trained, too. With updated skills and knowledge, everyone will gain benefits.

Healthy environment

Absenteeism stems from a lot of things, but stress would always top everyone’s list. For employees to feel engaged with their job and the company, they must be provided with a healthy and stress-free workplace. And this isn’t just about ergonomic furniture.

Right company culture

Want the business to be known as eco-friendly? Cultivate a culture that will live up to the image you want to project. Want camaraderie and teamwork to be foremost in everyone’s mind? Take a look at how employees treat each other, and make adjustments when needed.


Meaningful rewards

Giving away plaques and other forms of recognition is good. But giving a reward that’s meaningful to a particular employee would be most appreciated. This is why managers and owners must get to know their staff on a deeper level than just first names.

Combine all these ingredients to make the best recipe for employee engagement.

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