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Looking for a job through social networks

Nowadays, social networks have become more than just the virtual places where you can meet new people, but also message boards where you can share knowledge, ideas, music, photos, and job advertisements. They have made ​​it possible, for both new graduates and unemployed, to find a job as well as for companies to use them as the main areas for the recruitment of staff. That’s right, this is a growing reality that is increasingly used by small and medium-sized enterprises more.

It's time for you to look for a job in another efficient way

It’s time for you to look for a job in another efficient way

One of the key features of social networks is certainly that you can use them to place a considerable amount of useful information for your business. Among all the networks of great importance, Linkedin emerges: it is a site that allows all members to create their own network of contacts working in background. The purposes of Linkedin are many and can include, for example, to be introduced to someone you want to know and you might have the chance to do so through useful or interesting contacts. You can also look for jobs opportunities, business opportunities or apply for jobs posted by employers themselves.

Job hunting at the comfort of your house

Job hunting at the comfort of your house

Statistical data showed that the profiles are usually the ones most sought after are those in the fields of business, engineering and computing; do not exclude those from the humanistic, scientific and medical area though. Unlike Facebook, Linkedin has several applications or purposes not directly aimed at recruiting, but also ones that help to know the traits of a potential candidate as a personality, given his sociability, charisma and dynamism; all elements that could reverberate on the relationship with the company and with customers of the latter. It is not excluded, however, that the creation of the young Zuckerberg can be deployed as a virtual sort of temporary agency.

To take advantage of all these ads is very simple: just sign up at one of the aforementioned social media by entering your credentials, create a profile with a CV attached and slowly increase the network of personal contacts while constantly monitoring the output of direct offers. What can happen, and it does happen, is that these contacts post a job listing on your wall. Let us conclude by saying that the opportunities are many, and not taking advantage of these new media nowadays would be counterproductive, because they are powerful tools not only for companies but also for ordinary users.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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