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Keeping your staff safe this silly season

The end of the year is full of all types of distractions and appointments. Workers often can approach the season like they have in the past, and come out from it worse off. Here are some tips to keep your staff safe both mentally and physically this holiday season.

Don’t get burned out

The end of the year can be a time where deadlines build up and become more hectic. Make sure your staff knows to balance themselves out. Do not get burned out trying to get all of the end-of-year work finished in time. On the other hand, do not check out. With the holidays quickly approaching, it would not be surprising if some of your employees mentally check out prior to operations shutting down. Keep the workflow productive, yet not overwhelming enough to affect your staff’s well-being.

Keep stress-free

This time of year can impact your employees both at home and in the office. Work demands with the pressures of providing an enjoyable holiday at home can put undue pressure on an individual’s mental capacity. Your staff should be able to experience a positive work-life balance. End-of year deadlines are inevitable, but the approach to a build-up of tasks can make all the difference. Give your employees the tools to stay challenged, but not overworked trying to meet unrealistic targets.



Set goals

Goals should be verbalised. No doubt, yearly goals would have been presented to all staff prior to the start of the year; however, there is no reason why more short-term goals cannot be set and achieved. End-of-year goals can provide incentives for staff to work confidently and positively. Make goals challenging, yet realistic. The best way to achieve a balanced work atmosphere this time of year is to lead by example. Show your staff that they can work hard, but still enjoy what they are doing.

Show appreciation

Appreciate your staff for the work they do, as individuals and as a team. They have been working hard all year long. Let your staff know they are exacting positive outcomes that are truly beneficial to the team’s goals. Positive communication can make a world of difference, especially when some employees might already be feeling the strain of end-of-year deadlines. Build them up to perform well and efficiently.

Celebrate safely

This is the time of year for holiday parties and outings. Why not celebrate together? Holiday parties are a great way to relieve stress and remind people of the magic of the season. Consider a gift exchange, or a lunch party during office hours. Events during office hours allow your staff the freedom to enjoy their personal time with their families. Take a poll of activities your workforce would like to do, and try to make something happen.

The season can have both positive and adverse affects on a person’s safety. Try to make your workplace a positive and safe environment for your staff at least during work hours. What initiatives have you implemented in your workplace? Firms like, Sinnamon Lawyers, are skilled in safe and positive working environments. Consider discussing your options with an expert.

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