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Istat : the index of business confidence rises in December

The composite index of consumer confidence rose to European companies in December 2013 to 83.6 from 83.4 in November. A very slight increase, but the performance of the overall – according to ISTAT – reflects a significant improvement in confidence among businesses in the construction sector and a slight increase for the manufacturing and market services. The business confidence remains stable in the retail sector.



The Mayor stressed that the climate index of business confidence increased slightly, from 98 November to 98.2, but worse assessments on orders and production expectations, respectively, from -25 to -27 and from 5 to 4. The balance on the judgment on the inventory changed from -1 to -4 .

By main industrial groupings analysis reveals an increase in the indicator for consumer goods (from 97.6 to 98.9) and intermediate goods (from 99.2 to 101.1) and a deterioration in capital goods (from 97.7 to 95.2) .

The National Institute of Statistics points out that the confidence index of construction companies, sector among the hardest hit by the crisis, rose to 82.6 in December from 80.4 in November. They also improved assessments on orders and / or construction plans , with the balance passing from -45 to -42 , while employment expectations remain stable (-21 ) .

With regard to the climate of business confidence the index of services rose slightly in December to 80.6 from 80.5 the previous month. The assessments improved (balance -24 to -20), but the expectations for orders (-10 to -11) .

In the retail trade instead the index of confidence remains on the values ​​in November (90.7 ) by remaining stable in the large distribution ( 91.5 ) but worsened in the traditional (from 91.0 to 90.2 ). Slightly worse was also the expectations in the economy in general ( -35 to -36 ) .

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