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Customer protection: how you can safeguard your business from danger

Fires, floods and the sudden disappearance of all your worldly possessions – these might sound like curses from an Old Testament god, but they could happen to your business at any time.

It’s no secret that being the owner of an SME is fraught with fiscal danger. You’ve got to keep your overheads low, make sure your employees are working hard, attract a regular stream of customers, and try to avoid a knock on the door from the local debt collectors.

But imagine if half of your workplace was suddenly lost in a sea of flames, or if cash kept mysteriously disappearing from your till every Friday afternoon. That precious balancing act you’ve been playing with your finances will go up, quite literally, in smoke.

We get it – you feel reluctant to shell out for security measures. What if the worst doesn’t ever happen? Won’t you essentially be flushing money down the plughole?

Not quite. With preventative measures in place, you aren’t just protecting yourself from the likelihood of burglary, fires or floods. You could actively be stopping them from happening.

To give you a few pointers, we’ve unearthed some fantastic pieces of advice to protect your company. Take a look and get secure.

Fight fire

Flames should still scare us on a primal level. In culture they’re the symbol for wildness (think the fire which ravages the sawmill in Twin Peaks, or the flaming eye of Sauron which watches over Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings trilogy).

And for a business, you should be constantly wary about fire. Or, at the very least, cautious.

Flames destroy business premises thousands of times a year, but you can reduce the risk of fires by investing in effective fire protection.

Sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers are the most obvious measures for fire protection, but there are more elaborate pieces of tech at your disposal.

If your premises contains ducts, we’d recommend protecting them with Durasteel ductwork, which will stop the airflow which allows flames to thrive once they’re started. Flame-proof doors and blast-proof walls are also ideal, especially if you’re working in an industrial environment.

Combat burglary

Thieves are everywhere. Well, not everywhere, but they’re certainly in enough places to make them a threat. And in some cases, there could even be a thief in your workforce.

To fend off tea leafs and burglars, the most practical solution at your disposal is the trusty security camera.

These have moved on since the days of the bulky (and noisy) cameras of yesteryear. Now, they’re compact and barely noticeable, making them easy to hide from any customers hoping for a five finger discount.

But while it’s easy to hide a camera on your premises, worker regulations dictate that all employees must be told of any monitoring schemes you have planned.

Even though employees know they’re being watched, that doesn’t diminish the uses of a security camera as a safeguard for your property.

That’s all our tips for now. Do you have any of your own that you’d like to share? Then let us know in the comments below.

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